5 Minute Core Workouts For Runners: 3 Five Minute Killer Core Workouts

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core workouts for runners

5 Minute Core Workouts For Runners: Three 5 Minute Killer Workouts

Most people claim that they simply don’t have enough time for exercising. The truth is you don’t need a whole lot of time to exercise. If you want to strengthen your abdomen and improve your core, then these simple 5-minute core workouts are going to be all that you need. Everyone wants a quick workout because they simply don’t have a lot of time for a traditional lengthy workout. These workouts are perfect if you are a very busy individual. And need more time to fulfill your busy schedule.

These core exercises will build core strength

These exercises are also very effective even though they don’t take a whole lot of time. To develop a proper core, you really don’t need long exercise sessions to develop the abdominals. Most strength for your abdominal muscles is going to develop with short high-intensity abdominal workouts and not longer 30 minute plus sessions. In the gym, you are engaging your abdominals with many standard exercises like the bench press, deadlift, squat, and so on.

Runners are always using there core.

You are always engaging your core so you don’t really have to work the abdominals all that much. The abdominals are getting plenty of exercise so you just need short sessions to improve the muscles just a little bit more. All this muscle group needs is a short amount of attention and focus. This is why shorter high-intensity ab workouts are going to be so effective because you’re focusing all of the attention on this area. Here are a couple of workouts that you should consider doing to improve your abdominal area in just a short amount of time.
5 minute core workout

Running Killer Core Workout 1

  • The flutter kick – 30 seconds
  • Bicycle – 30 seconds
  • 6 inches – 30 seconds
  • Russian twists – 30 seconds
  • Leg raises – 30 seconds
  • Bicycle – 30 seconds
  • Toe touches – 30 seconds
  • Russian twists – 30 seconds
  • 6 inches – 30 seconds
This workout is designed to target the oblique muscles and your lower core muscles. The Flutter Kick (30 secs) You want to keep this exercise at a quick but deliberate pace. You don’t want to do any cheating here. You want to focus on the contraction of the abdominal muscles and keeping the core tight. Bicycle (30 secs) You want to make sure this exercise is precise and slow. You’re not doing it for speed, you’re focusing on keeping the legs straight and feeling the stretch of the exercise. You want to alternate the legs as the alteration is also a part of the exercise. Just take everything slow and don’t rush the whole exercise. 6 Inches (30 secs) You want to keep the core tight and the legs very level. Your legs may shake a little bit during this exercise but just try to keep them in the same general area. Russian Twist (30 secs) In this exercise, you want to touch the hands down on either side of you on the floor. You can get the full range of motion when you twist the core. Do this instead of just rotating each arm side to side. Leg Raises (30 secs) Use your core to help you get your legs up in the air. You don’t want to swing in the legs up as you want to contract the abdominal muscles as you bring the legs up. You also want to lower the legs slowly to the floor and not let them fall during the exercise. Bicycles (30 secs) You are now going to do more bicycle exercises so you simply want to focus on the form here and stay strong through this individual set. Toe Touches (30 secs) Try to reach as close as you can to the toes. If you’re not able to reach the toes, just get as close as you possibly can. If you’re able to reach the toes try going past your toes to get a more effective workout. Russian Twists (30 secs) You can now do some more Russian Twists. make sure you keep your form here and do the exercise slowly so it is more effective. 6 Inches (30 secs) Do this exercise again and maintain your form. Perform the exercise slowly which will improve the effectiveness of this individual exercise.
5 minute core workout

High-Intensity Running Core Workout Two

  • Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds
  • V-Crunch – 60 seconds
  • Superman Plank – 60 seconds
  • Side Plank (Right) – 30 seconds
  • Side Plank (Left) – 30 seconds
  • Windshield Wipers – 60 seconds
You want to have minimal rest time between each one of these exercises.  practice maintaining proper form as this will help you do the exercises better. If you can’t do some of these exercises for 60 seconds try them at just 30 seconds and then work your way up. Give yourself very minimal rest time. Transition to the next exercise as quickly as possible. Mountain Climbers (60 secs) This exercise will help you target the lower abdominal area. You should move your feet as fast as possible during the exercise as it helps you get more out of it. You want to bring the knees up to the chest with each one of your steps. You want to get as full a range of motion as possible with the exercise through the entire 60 seconds. Reverse Crunch (60 Secs) Exercise also helps you target the lower abdominal region. It’s harder to burn fat off of the lower abdominals so this additional exercise will help target in this area. During the exercise make sure that you bring the knees up to the chest area and perform the exercise slowly through the entire 60 seconds. Plank Jacks (30- 60 secs) This exercise is perfect for targeting the entire abdominal area. Planks can be tough to hold and this one is about the same. By adding in a jack to the exercise it makes the plank exercise a lot tougher. You’ll be working the abdominal area to a greater degree with this exercise. Try to keep your form and do the exercise to the best of your ability to get the most out of it. Side Plank (30- 60 secs) This plank exercise is going to the target the oblique area. You’ll be working adjust the obliques and not many individuals focus on the oblique muscles so they’re probably week when compared to other areas of your body. Try to hold the side plank for as long as possible. It’s still going to work even if you can only hold it for 15 seconds. As you get better, try to hold it for 30 seconds and then 60 seconds once you gain enough strength to do so. Windshield Wipers (60 secs) The windshield wiper exercise is another exercise you can do to improve the oblique muscles. This exercise will also work the front side of the abdominal muscles. As you get stronger with his exercise you’re going to be able to move the legs lower. As a beginner, you just want to move the legs by the ground because you’re probably not going to have the strength to move them back up. Start this exercise slowly and go lower each time that you do the exercise. You’ll be able to get more oblique work with windshield wipers. Along with that, you’ll be working on the front side of your abs as well. The stronger you become, the lower you’ll be able to move your legs. When you’re just beginning, you shouldn’t move your legs too close to the ground because you may not be able to move them back up. Feel the exercise out and slowly go down lower and lower each time you go down.

High-Intensity Core Workout For Runners Three

  • Dead bug – 45 seconds
  • The ab curl – 45 seconds
  • Legs with abs in table top – 45 seconds
  • The single leg stretch – 45 seconds
  • Criss cross Pilates exercise – 45 seconds
How to perform each of these exercises for around 45 seconds and take around a 15-second rest between each exercise. The total workout time is going to take around 5 minutes.
 DEAD BUG (45 secs) For this exercise, you want to lie on your back. You want to have your legs in a tabletop position and the arms should be reaching up towards the ceiling area. You want to breathe out and then slowly lower one of your legs down while simultaneously taking the opposite arm and lowering it back behind you. As you breathe in you want to lift the arm in the leg back to your starting position and then you can repeat this on the other side.
The AB CURL (45 secs) You want to lie on your back and have the spine in a neutral position. You want the feet flat in the knees bent as you do the exercise. You want to take your hands and put them behind your head to interlock them. You want the weight of your head to be relaxed in your hands. Breathe out you want to lift into an abdominal curl and keep the spine as neutral as possible. When lifting into the abdominal curl you should think that there’s something small underneath your lower back. You want to try not to squash this imaginary item as you curl back upwards. You want to draw the rib cage down to the hip area while you curl up. try not to have the rib cage stick out when you are lowering your head down. This helps keep the abdominal switched through the entire movement.
Legs with abs in tabletop (45 secs) You want to lie on your back and have the legs in a tabletop position. Take your hands and interlock these behind your head. have the weight of your head relaxed in your hands. As you breathe out you want to lift into the abdominal curl. Your rib cage should be drawn down towards the hip area. keep your lower back imprinted in the ground. As you breathe in lower your head and the chest area back down.
The Single Leg Stretch (45 sec) Lie on the back and have the spine imprinted and put your legs into the table top position. You want to lift yourself into an abdominal curl and have the hands interlocked around your right shin area. You want to take your hands and press these into the shin and lift your head and chest off the ground and get this as high as you can. As you breathe out you don’t want to pull your knees towards the chest area. As you breathe in you can change knees without lowering your chest back down. You want to breathe out and put the other knee in towards the chest area. You can keep doing this as you alternate sides.
Criss Cross (45 secs) Get on your back and have your spine imprinted. Put the legs into a tabletop position and you want your hands interlocked behind the head. As you were breathing out you want to curl up and then rotate the chest towards the right knee area. While you were doing this you want to extend the left leg. As you breathe in, rotate the chest to the center area and bring the leg back to the tabletop position. As you breathe out you want to then rotate the chest to the left knee area and extended the right leg out. Conclusion For beginners, you want to do each exercise for as long as you can and not push everything. As you get better each week, you can add on a couple of seconds to each one of your exercises until you’re able to do each one without stopping and complete the entire workout.
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