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Bodyweight exercises for beginners (week 5)


Bodyweight exercises for beginners- 12 week plan (Week 5)

This is week 5 of my 12 week bodyweight exercises for beginners weight loss program. If you have found this page and missed the previous weeks than please go to week 1 and do this workout in order:

HIIT Workout

The workout
These 5 Bodyweight exercises for beginners must be performed in sequence for the time displayed below according to your fitness level.

This is a 20-minute workout, so perform the circuit 4 times for best results. Remember to give a maximum effort every set for every exercise.

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

Exercise Length (seconds)Rest (seconds)


Bodyweight exercises for beginners to perform in rotation

  1. Star crumps
  2. Plank with hip dips
  3. Spiderman push ups
  4. Side lunges
  5. Triceps dips feet on chair

Beginner Exercises with bodyweight with full description


Star crumps
This is like a star jump but done on the floor. Start with your hands under your shoulder, shoulder width apart and have your body fully elongated. Jump up of the floor by pushing up with your arms and spread both your arms and legs as wide as you can before landing. Jump back up and bring your arms and legs back to the mid line of the body.

Plank with hip dips
Start in the plank position and move your hips side to side till your hips touch the floor, or are close to the floor. Keep your elbows as on the floor at all time.


Spiderman push ups
Lower your body till your chest touches the floor and at the same time bring one knee up the side of your body as though you are trying to touch your knee to your rib. As you straighten your arms bring your foot back to the floor and next to the other foot in an elongated position. Alternate sides.


Side lunge
Step to the side and push your bum back and slightly lean your body forward.  Try to bend to at least 90 degrees, but this will be dependent on leg strength and flexibility. Pushing your arms forward will also help you get low. Alternate legs and do as many reps as possible.


Triceps dips feet on chair
Place your feet on the chair and make sure that the palm of your hands is on the chair with your fingers pointing towards your body. Lower your body by bending your arms and once your arms get to 90 degrees, straighten your arms by ensuring that only your elbow joint moves.

Ab workout


The workout

Perform all five exercises one after the other with a five second break in between. Once you have finished the circuit you then rest according for the amount of time shown in the table according to your fitness level.

Look at the table below to see how many reps or the duration of the exercise for your fitness level.

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

Ab curl103451544520430
Oblique curl103451544520430
Plank spiders103451544520430
Dorsal raises103451544520430

Exercises with full description

Start in the plank position and extend one arm to raise your body up. Once arms are fully extended raise the other arm by extending your elbow. From this position bend one arm and lower your body back down and then do the same with the other arm.


Ab curl
Start with your shoulders and head raised two inches from the floor and your hands on your temple. Have your knees bent, as well as your feet and back on the floor. Raise your upper back off the floor as high as you can go without your lower back being raised from the floor. Once you are as high as you can raise your body and then lower yourself back to the floor without your head and shoulders touching the floor.


Oblique curl
Lie on your side and have one arm stretched out in front of you and the other hand on your temple. Bend your knees and hips to anchor your body. Curl your body in a side ward motion with no rotation or forward bend. Curl up as high as you can.


Plank spider man
Only have your elbows and feet on the floor in a plank position. Raise your knee up the side of your body towards your rib cage and then bring your leg back to the beginning so that you are in a plank position. Do the same movement with your other leg.


Dorsal raise with single leg and arm raise
Like the dorsal raise, as you will be lying on your tummy with your feet on the floor. Start with both hands above your head. As you raise your head and trunk, raise one of your arms off the floor and at the same time raise the opposite leg up in the air at the same time. Once you lower your arm and leg do the same with the opposite arm and leg.

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