EHF021 – 3 ways to form good daily healthy habits for weight loss

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3 ways to form healthy habits

3 ways to form good healthy habits for successful weight loss

When you are trying to lose weight you already know what you have to do to be successful. However, the problem is not knowing what to do, it is how to avoid doing the things you know you shouldn’t do.
You can find that your will power may last for a while, but its only a matter of time before your old habits kick back in and you go back to doing all the things you’ve been trying to avoid.
In today’s podcast we are going to focus on the importance of habit formation for achieving goals. Many of us try to rely on motivation to achieve a goal.
However, the one floor in relying on motivation is that motivation can run out, and once it does you may find that your weight loss efforts come to a hault.
However, if you form good habits they can last a lot more longer and can keep you on the right path. In this podcast we will explore exactly what a habit is.
In today’s podcast you will learn:

  • That success in your career, relationships, exercise, business are all related to how many good habits you have in favor of bad ones.
  • You will learn a system to help you form new good habits
  • You will learn the difference between motivation and habits
  • You will learn how habits are formed

good healthy habits for successful weight loss

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