How to form healthy weight loss habits

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How to form healthy weight loss habits

Habits are so important in life. In fact they influence everything that we do in life, from brushing your teeth, preparing the clothes you will wear for work during the week and much more.
Remember with habits that you have good ones and bad ones. If you have more good habits than bad then you will be more productive, and more successful in your career, family, relationship, travel and health goals.
How do we form habits?
Habits are formed by repeating behaviors repeatedly. You don’t even realise that you’re doing it, but before you know it these behaviors become permanent.

Forming new habits

When you try to form a new habit your enthusiasm is high. Lets take now for instance. Your new years resolutions are probably in full swing,  which means your pumped about losing weight or stopping smoking.
You get through day one with no problem, day two as well but maybe by day 7, if you’ve lasted that long, its run out. This is when it becomes difficult to continue changing habits. Once that motivation has gone, what do you do?
The answer may come in the form of this 3 step framework that can boost your confidence and success if you perform it correctly.

Frame work for creating new habits for healthy weight loss

Remember that habits require time, repetition and patients.

Step 1 – Do it first thing in the morning. 

Why? Your will power is strongest in the morning. Remember that motivation can be like the UK weather in the sense that it fluctuates.
Studies have shown that if you eat something sweet in the morning than later on throughout the day your food choices will want to be to eat something sweet.
In regards to an exercise program, making the effort to go gym in the morning will be easier because the rest of the day is likely to be more unpredictable.
At the end of the day you are more likely to be really tired and all you will want to do is go home and recharge your batteries. Going to the gym will be the last thing on your mind.

Step 2 – Reduce friction

Think about all the obstacles you could face when trying to lose weight. Taking clients out for dinner, maybe you and your partner enjoy drinking half a bottle of wine each night.
This is what I mean when I use the word friction. Any barrier or potential obstacle that is going to impact on your goal is friction.
Where set up to take the path of least resistance so if weight loss becomes to difficult for yourself you will give up so this section will make weight loss as easy as possible.
Think about how you are going to change these things. Setting up your environment can be as simple as making sure you have clean gym kit.
When your motivation is low and you wake up and your gym kit isn’t clean, you may just give up and go back to bed. Sometimes that is all it takes
How to reduce friction
Use visualization for 5 minutes every night and visualize yourself overcoming this problem. Visualize yourself out with your clients having a good time.
Visualize the alcoholic drinks they are drinking, the food they are eating, while you visualize yourself drinking a mineral water and having a healthy meal.
Get comfortable with the things you need to do as this will keep you on track.
Step 3 – start small
Take the smallest action possible to get an improvement In your health. If your first step is too big it will be too difficult, which will cause you to fail and quit.
For example, If you drink alcohol every evening than perhaps its going to be too difficult to cut alcohol out permanently and stop drinking.
An example of starting small would be to initially layer your alcohol reduction. For example, you may have a 3 month plan to reduce your alcohol intake.
For example, in your first month you may go from drinking four pints of beer 7 days a week, to four pints of beer 5 days a week.
In month 2 you may reduce from 5 days to 3 days a week and in the final month reduce to just one day a week of drinking alcohol and may limit this to just 8 units of alcohol a week. Currently the limit is 14 units a week.
One unit is half a pint of beer, one normal size glass of wine or one shot of spirit.
When you set yourself up with small goals you set yourself up for success.
Need more help?
Have you downloaded your 4 week weight loss guide and exercise plan? Be sure to click on this link and I will send it straight to your inbox.

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