27 amazing swiss ball exercises

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27 amazing Swiss ball exercises

swiss ball exercises
When you spend all day working in an office it can have a massive impact on your posture and core strength. This is why the swiss ball can have a massive impact on your health.
When most people think about exercising with Swiss balls they think about improving their core strength. This is partly true as there are many exercises that will improve your core strength.
However, you can also work the whole body using the swiss ball exercises as well as the core. On this video I will show you 27 exercises on the swiss ball.
You will see exercises that you can use for your legs, back, abdominal, chest arms and shoulders, while at the same time still hitting those core muscles.


Top 5 reasons you should use a Swiss ball

If you were reading my post from a few weeks ago on ski fitness I gave the answer away there.


Due to the fact that the swiss ball is unstable you are required to recruit a greater amount of muscles compared to if you performed the same exercise on a stable surface.


There are numerous exercises you can do on the gym ball for every single body part. The fit ball is one of the most versatile bits of equipment alongside the TRX.



Exercises vary in terms of how difficult they are. Regardless of whether 6you are a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced you will be able to find exercises that challenge you.


The swiss ball can be used in a gym, outside or in the comfort of your own home. Although you can get a great home workout without fitness equipment, if you had to have one it would be a fit ball.



The workouts are as tough as you want them to be and the only limitation to what you can do with them is your imagination.

Topic: 27 amazing swiss ball exercises


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