25 Exercises for legs at home

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25 exercises for legs at home

Exercises for legs at home are easier to do then you realize.

You may think to yourself that you need to use the TRX or kettlebells to get great shaped legs but that isn’t true.

The only thing you will need for exercises for legs at home is just your own body weight and perhaps some old tea towels that you may have lying around the house.

You will be able to work your quads, calfs, hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs with these 25 exercises for legs at home.


These 25 leg exercises at home will transform your body

By working your leg muscles, you will be able to change the shape of your entire body. This is because your leg muscles are the biggest in your body and burn the most calories.

As I mentioned before these exercises will give your legs great shape, but they will also give your legs great strength.

Lets not foget that you need strong legs for every day life so that you can climb stairs, walk around pick things up of the floor.

The leg exercises I will be showing you will not be complicated and you wont require a gym membership if you don’t want one.

Learn the correct form for these leg exercises at home

Another good thing about using body weight exercises is that it allows you to learn correct form before you add weight to the exercise.

For example, an exercise like squats require you to use a large portion of your body. When you start to add weight to the exercise you burn even more calories.

However, once you add weight to the exercise it becomes more of an advanced exercise, and can be dangerous if done wrong.

You will be able to learn the correct technique for this exercise so that you can progress it some stage.

Here Is My List Of 25 Home Exercises For Legs


1) Reverse Lunge

Take a step backward and place the ball of your feet on the floor. Keep both your feet facing forward as you lunge down towards the floor. Keep your back straight and prevent your body from leaning forward.

2) Walking Lunge

Take a big step forward and lunge down towards the floor. Once you have risen up from the floor and have straightened your legs, Move your back foot forward beyond your front leg. Take a big step forward and lunge down to the ground. Repeat the sequence over and over again until you have finished your reps.

3) Sumo Squat

Your legs need to be wider then shoulder width. Turn your feet so they are facing outward. As you squat down the centre of your knee needs to stay in line with your 2nd toe. Also try to keep your body as upright as possible.

4) The Chair

This exercise is great for toning your legs. All you need to do is find a wall that you can lean against and squat down like you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

5) Single leg hamstring curl

This exercise will only work if you have laminate flooring or tiles in one of the rooms in your home as you need a surface that is slightly slippery. Get a tea towel, or a cloth and place one leg on the tea towel. Lift your hips as you drag your leg towards your bum.

6) Single leg bridge

Keep one leg elevated above your knee and bend your other leg to a 90 degree angle. Raise your hips as high as you can and once you lower let your bum gently touch the floor, but don’t rest once you touch the floor.

7) One leg squat

This is not a pistol squat where you go all the way down to the floor. Try and get your bum parallel to your knees as you squat down. Your knee should also remain in line with the 2nd toe.

8) One leg hamstring extension

Lie on the floor with one foot on a chair or on your sofa. Push your heel into your chair and raise your bum up as high as you can. This exercise is great for toning up the back of your legs.

9) Side lunge jumps

Do a lunge to the side with both of your feet facing forward at all times. Once you have lunged as low as you can jump in the air and land with both of your feet together.

10) Side lunges

Similar to exercise 9, but without the jump. Once you lunge to the side you are simply going to push of your outside leg and bring your feet back together.

11) Lunge with foot rotated

Your foot position makes a huge difference on what part of your bum and leg is activated. Turn your feet outwards works the inside of your legs. Turning your foot inwards increase the amount of work on your bum!

12) Lunge jumps

Start with your feet in the lunge position. Once you luge down I want you to jump into the air as high as you can. When you land you need to allow your body to naturally lower itself to the floor before jumping again. This is an advance exercise.

13) Lunge and rotate

When you perform the rotation during this exercise not only will it cause your abdominal muscles to work harder, but it will also cause the muscles in your bum to contract and work harder during the exercise.

14) Lunge and reach down

The position you place your body in when you lean forward puts your bum muscles in a position where they have to contract to stop you from falling forward. That is why this is one of the best exercises for your bum and legs.

15) Jump squats

Jump as high as you can once you perform your squat. Land on the floor and repeat the movement.

16) Hamstring extension

Place your feet on the chair, push your heels down and raise your bum as high as you can. This exercise is great for the back of your legs.

17) Hamstring curl

This exercise is more advanced than the hamstring extension and works the back of the legs as well.

18) Hamstring bridge

This exercise is the most advanced exercise for the back of your legs. Make sure you have been doing hamstring curls for a while before advancing to this exercise.

19) Forward lunge

Even though this is one of the most basic exercises for the legs it is one of the most effective. It works the front and  back of your legs as well as your bum.

20) Fire hydrants

This exercise looks simple, but it burns your glutes like crazy. Make sure that you stabilize your body so that the only part of your body moving is your leg.

21) Curtsy lunge

This exercise hits so many different muscles in your legs at once that it makes this one of the best Home exercises for legs out of the 25 I have listed. It is easy to perform, but effective.

22) Abductor lifts

Number 22 on my home exercises for legs list works the outside of the legs.

23) Adductor lifts

This works the opposite muscle to exercise 22.

24) Abduction

This is one of the most unique out of the other 24 home exercises for legs as it relies on friction for resistance. You will need to have laminate flooring or tiles in your home as well as a tea towel or oven gloves to perform this exercise.

25) Squats

This exercise will look different depending on your flexibility. In terms of the depth you should squat to I would say aim for at least 90 degrees, but ideally you want arse to grass. In other words get your bum to the floor.


Let me know your thoughts. I hope these home exercises for legs help you out. To find out more about me  or to see more home exercises click here.

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