21 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

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weight loss exercises

21 Best weight loss exercises to do at home

Not all exercises are the same when it comes to burning the most calories. There are some important factors that determine how effective a weight loss exercise is:

  1. The amount of muscle groups worked
  2. The specific muscle groups worked
  3. The speed the exercise is performed at

The amount of muscle groups worked

An exercise that works multiple groups will always be a better weight loss exercise compared to an exercise that works only one muscle.
The reason for this is that if one exercise works more then one muscle it will burn more calories and will lead to a greater calorie expenditure at the end of your workout.

The specific muscle group worked

There are over 200 muscles in the body. Some muscles are small for refined movements. For instance, the muscles that move your eyes.
Also, your biceps (front of the arms), triceps (back of the arms) and shoulders would also be considered small muscles.
There are also large muscle groups in your legs, back and chest. Because of the size of these muscle groups they are going to burn a lot of calories.
Exercises that work the legs burn the most calories and can be considered some of the best weight loss exercises.

The speed the exercise is performed at

Fast movements tend to get the heart rate up quickly and when your heart is beating fast you are burning a lot of calories.

Putting it all together

The 21 at home weight loss exercises you will find in this article will either combine all three components or will have one of those factors.
When you are doing your home workouts try to use some of these weight loss exercises to maximize your results.

Here are the 21 best weight loss exercises:

1) Standing lateral jump
This is a great weight loss exercise because of the speed it’s performed at. You must put maximum effort in to jump as far as you can. To maximize your distance, you must swing your arms to the side with a countermovement and then throw your arms in the direction you are jumping.

2) Side lunge jump
This exercise is a great calorie burning exercise because it uses the large muscle groups in the legs and the jump component of the exercise needs to be performed at maximum speed. This exercise is harder than it looks. When you lunge down low its hard to generate enough force to jump. This is one of the many reasons why this is a great weight loss exercise.

3) Shoulder press
Although this exercise works the smaller muscle groups of the shoulder and triceps (back of the arms), it is a difficult exercise to perform. As a result of this your heart rate will go up. It is important to keep your bum up high in the air to keep the work on your shoulders.

4) Jump lunges
You will see from this exercise that it is performed at a fast speed and it works multiple muscle groups within the legs. This is a difficult exercise, but the rewards of putting this exercise into your workout will be incredible. It will tone up your legs and boost your stamina levels.

5) Jump squats
Squats are one of the best compound movements you can do to burn calories. When you combine a squat with a jump it becomes even more dynamic and leads to greater number of calories being burned. Make sure you squat as low as you can. Your bum should be below you knees in the bottom position.

6) Jack knife
This exercise works multiple muscle groups. It is a great exercise to train your core. It is difficult to perform as well. You must try and keep your bum down as you slide your knees up. This will place greater emphasis on your core muscles.

7) Pendulum jumps
This is a fast movement and gets the heart rate up very quickly. The key is to ensure you do not jump high as this will increase the speed of the movement.

8) Hamstring extension
This is a great exercise because it works one of the biggest muscles in your body. This works the hamstring, which is the muscle at the back of your leg. To maximise the benefits from this exercise you must raise your bum as high as you can.

9) Hamstring curl
If you find the hamstring extension easy, then this exercise is the progression. Try to get your feet as close to your bum as you can as you curl your legs.

10) Hamstring bridge
This is the hardest version of this exercise. Make certain that your hips move in a straight line and that the angles at your knee and hips stay the same. This is a very precise movement and needs to be performed correctly to get the most from the exercise.

11) Dive bomber press ups
You can also perform this exercise on your knees. This works the chest, which is one of the major muscle groups in the body and therefore this exercise burns a lot of calories.

12) Jump claps
If you find this difficult you can do it on your knees. Make sure your chest goes all the way down to the floor on each repetition.

13) Twist jumps
This exercise works multiple muscle groups due to the twisting of the body. Perform it as fast as you can to get the heart rate up.

14) Tuck jumps
Your knees need to be tucked in as close to your chest as you can manage. This is a very fast movement and great calorie burning exercise.

15) Vertical jumps
This looks like a squat jump, but the major difference is that you try to spend as little time with your feet in contact with the floor as possible. Also, you don’t need to squat as low.

16) Star crump push up
This exercise works the chest and involves you jumping off your hands. To make it easier for yourself walk your hands out rather then jumping them out. You wont burn as many calories, but it will still be harder than a normal press up.

17) Standing long jump
Since this is an explosive movement you will burn a lot of calories doing this exercise. Always spend as little time as possible standing in between jumps.

18) Single leg pendulum jumps
You will feel this exercise in your bum more when you do it on one leg compared to the normal pendulum jumps.

19) Shoulder press feet on chair
An advanced version of the shoulder press. You must be able to do at least 15 shoulder presses before advancing to this exercise.

20) Slide out
This is a great core exercise. You should avoid this exercise if you suffer from lower back pain. Pull your stomach in and keep your hips in line with your shoulders at all time.

21) Scorpion press up
Wow, this is harder than it looks. You are working multiple muscle groups. You are working the chest, arms and shoulders. Once you add in the scorpion twist you are also working the core. You are working the obliques, which are the abdominal muscles at the side of your body.

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