13 Signs You’re Losing Your Weight Loss Motivation

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weight loss motivationSigns You’re Losing Your Weight Loss Motivation

So you want to lose weight but found out you’re losing your weight loss motivation. You are not the first.
Most people start of super motivated.
You start going to the gym every day; you are eating salads with good cuts of meat. It feels easy; you feel good, this weight loss thing feels easy.
All of a sudden you start missing cakes, crisps and chips. Perhaps something comes up at work; you got a christening to go to or perhaps a friend is staying over with you.
i miss fat foods
However, something could have happened in the past that made you lose interest in weight loss.
All of a sudden you can’t be bothered to go to the gym, you’re no longer eating the healthy options, and you are now asking yourself the question “why can’t I stay motivated to lose weight.”
If this is the case, then this article will help you.
Think of motivation as a muscle, rather than being something that is infinite. Like a muscle, motivation can be fatigued and lost.
There will be days when motivation is extremely high, but on other days motivation is going to be low, and it will be difficult to keep going with your plan. With this in mind, you will need to use other strategies to help support your motivation.
Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation for weight loss

Motivation theory

Before we go into my top 13 reasons as to why you are losing motivation to lose weight, let’s have a look at motivation theory. Motivation theory looks at a persons desire to work towards achieving a goal or outcome. In this case, weight loss involves dieting and exercise.
There are many different motivational theories out there, but most of them look at two things. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
People that are intrinsically motivated to exercise have a higher confidence and belief that their efforts will lead to success. They are likely to have a greater motivation and take greater enjoyment in losing weight and body fat.
Someone who is extrinsically motivated is only interested in the outcome and may not necessarily be interested in the activities leading to their weight loss goal, which would make it more difficult to stick to the task in the long term.
If you are reading this article, you are likely to be the latter but don’t despair. Your mindset can be changed with these 13 steps.
motivation to lose weight

13 Weight Loss Demotivators

understand why you want to lose weight

1) You’re not clear on your why 

At the end of the day, if this is not compelling enough, when the going gets tough you will just give up. Give your why a lot of thought, identify the pain having the weight causes you, think about how you will feel when you’ve lost weight, how you will look, and when it gets difficult, remind yourself of why you are doing this so that you can tap into the emotion.
smart goals for weight loss

2) You’re not setting goals

You have to be specific. How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it? How much weight do you need to lose weekly, monthly?.
You also need to allow for setbacks in your goal. What if you’re sick, or there’s a wedding you have to go to? Will you just give up?
Lastly, if you set life goals, then perhaps when you lose weight.
set small goals

3) Your goals are too big & unrealistic 

If you are setting big, ambitious goals, it’s not a bad thing, however, If your goals are unrealistic then all that will happen is that you will fail, lose confidence and give up. To counteract this, you must start with small manageable goals. Starting small allows you to have small wins that boost your confidence and help you to move onto bigger goals after each small success. For example, you may aim to go to the gym twice a week in your first month, and then three times a week in your 2nd month.

emotional eating

4) You’re emotions are controlling you 

You must remember that food is just food. Don’t eat food for comfort, to inflict pain or as the main thing in your life to give you pleasure. Eat to live, to function & to be healthy. Don’t just live to eat. Many people use food to comfort themselves if they are stressed at work, or there is a major problem in their life. If this is one of your problems, look for an alternative way to deal with your emotions like going for a walk, calling a friend, listening to music, writing in a journal. Try to know when you are getting emotional and then try to use one of these strategies.
daily weight loss routines

5) You’re not changing your habits 

Remember that motivation is what gets you started, but it’s your habits that keep you going. Habits dictate every single aspect of your life. If you like to unwind every evening with a glass of wine, then this may not be the best habit for weight loss. The more good habits you can form compared to bad habits, the more likely you are to succeed in weight loss.
weight loss support network

6) You don’t have a support network

Even if you are the most motivated person in the world, you may slip up from time to time. This is why having a community of like-minded people, or a coach can ensure you remained accountable and committed to reaching your goal. The investment in time and money will pay off in the long run.
i can not get motivated to lose weight

7) You’re not acknowledging your success

You have to be grateful for every small thing you achieved. Otherwise, you start to build up a mentality of negativity that will stop you dead in your tracks. It is easy to focus on the things you did wrong or could have done better, but if you praise yourself for turning down the opportunity to have biscuits with your tea, you will slowly build your confidence and belief in yourself.

have fun

8) You’re too serious

Try your best to make it as fun as possible as you still have work to go to, friends to see, places to visit, and people who love you. It is going to be hard at times, but if you are forcing yourself to do it, then eventually, you will give up. You may find fun if you can enlist a friend, do a class or work with a professional.

Educate yourself

9) You’re not educating yourself

Weight loss is a difficult thing. There are many conflicting views out there on weight loss that it’s hard to know what to do. A diet plan that worked well for your friend may not work as effectively for you, so you will have to learn about your own body and at the same time educate yourself on nutrition by listening to podcasts, reading blog posts and buying books.

write an action plan

10) You haven’t written an action plan

You need to have a clear written plan of your nutrition and exercise routine. 80% of weight loss is down to your nutrition, so you need to consider when are the times you are most likely to break your diet. For example, do you travel for work, do you have office parties, do you have social events coming up? If this is the case, then how will you maintain your diet? Perhaps you may prepare food the night before so that you don’t buy dense calorie food when you’re at work the next day.
THink positive

11) You’re not thinking positively

Using positive affirmations are a way to reinforce positive beliefs as they are a type of auto-suggestion. When you practice them daily with purpose, the chemical pathways in your brain are strengthened. It is believed that auto-suggestion will help to change your thoughts by altering the cells in your brain as you will release good hormones. Focus on saying two affirmations several times a day for the next several weeks.

get comfortable being uncomfortable

12) You’re in your comfort zone 

You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you go to the gym, you need to push yourself as hard as you can and safely as you can. Your muscles will burn, your heart will be pounding like a sledgehammer, and you will be sweating profusely. This is what it takes, but it will take time to train your body to get to this point so be patient.

Visualisation for weight loss

13) You’re not training the mind

One of the most powerful tools you can use to train your mind is visualisation. Visualisation is where you sit down in a quiet place and create images of what you want to achieve to prime your subconscious mind to achieve your goal. Within time, your visions become a reality as you will start to overcome conflicting negative thoughts, and see your goals more clearly.
Do you still want to know more about weight loss motivation? I asked 30 experts there thoughts. See their answers here.
weight loss motivation

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