13 Best weight loss exercises for calorie burning

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weight loss exercises

 13 Best weight loss exercises for calorie burning

Losing weight is one of the hardest things that you can do. First of all you need to find the motivation. Then there is the diet plan, and finally your exercise plan. I
n this article I will give you a 12-week weight loss plan, as well as 13 of the best weight loss exercises.
The type of exercises you do will make all the difference to the type of results you will get.
For instance, if you choose an exercise that works one muscle group you will burn less calories compared to an exercise that work five or six muscle groups.
The more muscle mass you work the more calories you burn.
Also, if you perform an exercise that is very explosive in nature like jumping for instance, it will elevate your heart rate quicker and burn more calories in a short period of time.
Based on these two factors I have chosen 13 exercises that are great for weight loss. I have also put these exercises into a 12-week weigh loss program.
exercises for weight loss

Here are the 13 weight loss exercises I recommend:


1) Hammers

Bend your knees to squat down as low as you can. Push your bum back and lean forward to place your weight on the balls of your toes. Keep your weight forward as you move your feet upwards and downwards as quickly as you can. The key to moving your feet quickly is to only move your feet one to two inches from the floor. Make sure you alternate your feet.

2) Star crumps

Start with your arms fully extended, feet on the floor and keep your body in a straight line between your feet hips and shoulders. Jump your hands and feet off the floor and while in the air spread your feet and hands so that they are wider then shoulder width apart. Once you land you are going to have your hands and feet in a wider position. You are going to jump again to return the arms and feet back to their original position.

3) Star crumps thrust

You are going to copy the last exercise and do a star crump. Once you have finished the star crump you will bend your hips and knees and jump your knees as close to your chest as you can, and then jump your feet back so that you are back to the beginning.

4) Pendulum jumps

Jump from side to side making sure that your head stays in the same position. You need your head to stay still while your feet move under you, a bit like a pendulum. You achieve this by making sure that you only focus on achieving maximum horizontal direction from your jumps and minimal vertical lift.

5) Standing long jumps

Swing your arms backwards, bend your knees and as you throw your arms forward straighten your legs so that you jump forward. Bend your knees as you land to absorb the impact and turn around to jump back in the opposite direction.

6) Sideways long jump

Swing your arms to one side, bend your knees and shift your body weight in the direction of your arms. Quickly swing your arms to the opposite side and start to jump in the direction of your arms swing. Jump as far as you can in a horizontal direction.

7) Knee tucks

Start with your feet a few inches from the floor and your shoulders slightly raised. Bend and raise your trunk as high as you can while at the same time bending your knees and hips to bring your knees as close to your chest. Quickly drop your trunk and legs down and repeat the movement.

8) Side lunge jumps

Perform your side lunge by stepping to the side till your legs are further then shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and hips till you get to 90-degree knee bend with bum pushed back. Jump as high as you can and land with your feet together.

9) Roll out

You will need to do this exercise on tiles or wood flooring with one or two tea towels. Start with your hands on the tea towels, and under your shoulder. Your body should be leaned forward, back straight and hips pushed forward. Extend your arms and allow your body to fall forward in a smooth controlled motion. When your arms are fully extended reverse the motion.

10) Pec flys

You will need to do this exercise on a tiled floor or any type of flooring with minimum friction. Start on your knees with your body fully elongated. Your elbows should be on two tea towels or oven gloves directly under your chest. You will slide your elbows away from the midline of your body. As a result, your chest will lower to the floor. When you have your elbows as wide as possible, slide your elbows inward to bring them back to the midline of your body.

11) Jack knife

Use two tea towels, or a pair of slippery socks on a surface that is fairly slippery. Start with your hands on the floor shoulder width apart, and your toes on the floor. The rest of your body should be elevated. Slide your knees towards your chest keeping your bum down and your back straight. Slide your feet back until your body is fully elongated.

12) Tuck jumps

Jump as high as you can. Make sure that as you jump you bring your knees into your chest.

13) Twist jumps

Jump in the air and as you jump twist your hips so that your legs rotate to one side and throw your arms in the opposite direction so that your trunk twists in the opposite direction. Once your feet land jump again and repeat in the opposite direction.
weight loss exercises

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