12 week weight loss (wk 11)

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12 week weight loss (wk 11)

12 week weight loss – First of all I want to congratulate you for making it this far in the program.

It is now the penultimate week of this 12 week weight loss plan and you should now be fine tuning your body.

For those of you who have missed the previous weeks of this 12 week weight loss plan and want to start from the beginning see below:

Previous Weeks

The workout
There are five exercises that need to be performed one after the other.

Perform each exercise at maximum intensity for the time shown in the table below and rest for the time shown in the table below.

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

Exercise Length (seconds) Rest (seconds)
Beginner 15 45
Intermediate 20 40
Advanced 30 30

Exercises to perform in rotation

  1. Jack Knife
  2. Tuck Jumps
  3. Side Plank Crunches
  4. Twist Jumps
  5. Jump Push Ups

4-12 week workout plan
lose weight 12 weeks

Jack knife
Both hands on the floor with your hands shoulder width apart. Place your toes on the oven gloves or cloth and pull your knees in towards your chest by bending your hips and knees. Do not allow your hips to raise up in the air.

losing weight 12 weeks

Tuck jumps
Jump as high as you can and try to get your feet as high as possible. Bend both your knees and hips, to bring your knees as close to your chest as you can. Land on the balls of your feet first before your heels touch the floor and keep repeating this movement.

12 week toning

Side plank crunches
Turn onto the side of your body and place one of your elbows on the floor with the the outside of your foot on the floor. Bring your hips down to the floor and then raise your hips up as high as you can. Keep repeating this movement.

12 week get fit

Twist jumps
Jump and twist your body mid-air. Your feet will move in the opposite direction to your body. Use your arms to maximize the swing of your upper body.

12 week lose weight

Jump push ups
Copy the start position and movement of the press up, however when you raise yourself up from the floor push up as fast as you can so that your hands jump up of the floor.

4 week weight loss plan

Ab workout

The workout

There is a circuit of 5 exercises to perform in total. The exercises must be done in the order shown below. Each time you have completed a circuit you will have a period of rest. The fitter you are the less rest period you will have. Also, you will complete more sets and perform more repetitions per workout for the more advanced fitness levels. See the table below for more details.

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Exercise Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest
Dorsal Raise 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Single Leg Pike 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Side Oblique Curl with double leg raise 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Vertical Scissors 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Side Plank Star 15 sec 3 45 30 sec 4 45 60 sec 4 30

12 week cutting

Dorsal raise with double arm and leg raise
Extend your arms above your head, keep your head looking down at the floor and your legs relaxed. Raise your upper and lower body of the floor at the same time. Your head will remain looking at the floor as you raise and then lower your upper and lower body.

12 week shred

Single leg pike
Bring one of your legs up while raising your trunk up as high as you can from the floor. Your leg should remain straight and you should be able to touch your ankles as you get to your highest point. Keep repeating this movement by alternating legs.

12 week get ripped

Side oblique curl with double leg raise
Lie on your side with both your legs slightly bent and laying on top of each other. Extend one arm along the floor and place your other hand on your temple. Raise both your legs towards the ceiling and at the same time side bend your body. Use the arm on the floor to assist you as you side bend.

12 week slim down

Vertical scissors
Lie down on your back and start with your feet a few inches above the ground. You will raise your legs upwards and downwards by alternating your leg movements. Move your feet as quickly a you can.

12 week burn fat

Side plank star
Make a star shape with your body by having your legs as far apart as you can and both your arms will be raised to shoulder level. The pose will look similar to a star jump but instead of jumping you will have only one hand and one leg on the floor.

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