12 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan (Wk 12)

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Fat Loss Exercise Plan

12 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan (Wk 12)

Welcome to the final week of this 12 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan. You have made it. At the end of the week please take your final picture and measurements of your weight and body.

Please share your success with others by sending me your before and after pictures in order to inspire others to take part in this program.

In case you have missed some of the other weeks here they are:

Here are the workouts:

Week 1-4                              Week 5-8                                      Week 9-12
Week 1                                     Week 5                                            Week 9
Week 2                                     Week 6                                            Week 10
Week 3                                     Week 7                                            Week 11
Week 4                                     Week 8 

Here is the weekly schedule:
home exercise program

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

Exercise Length (seconds) Rest (seconds)
Beginner 15 45
Intermediate 20 40
Advanced 30 30

Exercises to perform in rotation

  1. Dive bomber press ups
  2. Hamstring curls
  3. Lunge jumps
  4. Triceps dips
  5. Squat Jumps

12 week workout plan for weight loss

Dive bomber press ups
Start with just your feet and hands on the floor wider then shoulder width apart. Bend your arms so that your head is near the floor.

From this position point your head upwards and start to move your body forward by lowering your bum and pushing with your arms. Keep your arms bent.

Once you have fully elongated your body start to straighten your arms out. Then reverse the whole movement back to the beginning position.

12 week workout plan for fat loss

Hamstring curls
Use two tea towels and place one foot on each. Lie on your back and raise your hips in the air. Bend your knees and pull your feet towards your bum as far as you can, and then slide your feet back till they are fully extended again.

12 week workout plan for to lose weight

Lunge jumps
One leg forward with the other leg behind you, bend your knees and swing your arms back. Jump as high as you can and land in a lunge position. When you bend your knees make sure both knees bend to approximately 90 degrees.

12 week workout plan to get ripped

Triceps dips
Feet on the floor in front of you fully extended or with the knees bent, you are going to place your palms on the chair with your hands facing forward. Bend your elbows while keeping your back close to the chair always and then straighten your elbows to bring your body back up.

12 week lose weight workout plan to get ripped

Jump squats
Bend your knees so that your bum gets lowered towards the floor. Keep your hands on your temples at all times, and maintain an upright position with your trunk.

Your feet should be hip width apart and you should bend beyond 90 degrees if you have the flexibility.

Once you have bent as much as you can jump up and squat again when you land. Keep repeating this movement.

Abdominal Workout

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Exercise Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest
Dorsal Raise 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Pikes 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Plank scorpions 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
side oblique curl with double leg raise 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Knee tucks 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30

12 week weight loss workout plan

Dorsal raise with double arm and leg raise
Lie on your tummy with your legs straight and hip width apart. Your arms will be extended in front of you shoulder width apart.

Raise both your legs, both your arms and trunk of the floor and then lower yourself back to the floor.

12 week weight loss fitness program

Arms extended above your head hip width apart, and legs fully extended and hip width apart. Raise your legs and trunk till they meet somewhere in the middle with your body resembling a V shape.

Touch your toes or ankles and let your body lower back to the start position.

12 week weight loss training schedule

Plank scorpions
Start in the plank position but with your hands on the floor instead of your elbows.

Raise one leg in the air and rotate your body so that your leg rotates over and past your leg that is in contact with the floor. Keep rotating until your foot touches the floor and then rotate back.

12 week weight loss exercise routine

Side oblique curl with double leg raise
Lie on your side with one arm on the ground and both knees slightly bent.

You will curl your trunk using your arm on the floor to assist, while at the same time you raise both legs as high in the air as you can. Return your lower and upper body to the floor.

knee tucks

Knee tucks
Drive your knees towards your hips while performing an ab curl. You want to raise your trunk so high when performing the ab curl that your lower back comes up off the floor.

Your knees and upper body will come to a natural stop at the same time and you should lower your upper and lower body back to the start position so that they return to their start positions at the same time.

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