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8 Week Fitness Plan (week 8)

8 Week Fitness Plan

8 Week Fitness Plan | 8-12 Week Fitness Plan To Lose Weight (Week 8)

Welcome to week 8. If you like you can stop here to complete an 8 week fitness plan. There will be another 4 weeks if you would like to continue.

I hope you are enjoying it and starting to see results. Here is this weeks program. For those of you who have missed some of the previous weeks click on the link below:

8 Week Fitness Plan

The workout

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, so when you do these exercises make sure you do as many repetitions as you can for the duration of the exercise. The exercises should be performed at full speed. Please see the table below for the rest and exercise period.
HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

Exercise Length (seconds)Rest (seconds)

Exercises to perform in rotation

  1. Pendulum jumps
  2. Standing long jumps
  3. Push up and scorpion
  4. Vertical jump with arm swing
  5. Knee tucks


Pendulum jumps
Perform horizontal side to side jumps trying to cover 1 foot (30 centimeters) with each jump. The idea is not to jump high in the air. Your head should remain in the same spot while your feet move side to side.


Standing long jumps
As you bend your knees swing your arms back and jump by swinging your arms forward and straightening your legs as quickly and vigorously as you can. Try and get the maximum horizontal distance you can get in your jump. Once you land turn around as quickly as you can and repeat the jump in the opposite direction.


Push up and scorpion
This combines the push up and plank scorpion into one exercise. Once you start to lower your chest to the floor begin the scorpion movement. When you start to raise your body bring your foot back next to the other. Alternate legs with each push up.


Vertical jump with arm swing
Swing the arms behind you as you bend your knees, then jump as high as you can. Once you land bend your knees and swing your arms back and jump again.


Knee tucks
Pull your knees as close to your chest as you can. At the same time raise your upper body towards your knees.


Ab workout

ab exercises ab workouts at home 8

The workout

This ab routine consists of 5 different exercises that need to be done in sequence.

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability


Dorsal Raise103451544520430
Straight leg ab curl103451544520430
Belly Busters103451544520430

Exercises with full description


Dorsal raise with single leg and arm raise
Extend one arm and the opposite leg as you raise your trunk off the floor. You must start with your arms and legs straight and on the floor. Your hands should be above your head in the start position.


Straight leg ab curl
Start with both your feet as straight as you can get them directly above your hips. Raise both hands up in the air until you touch your ankles. Lower your body back down but do not let your lower back rest on the floor.


You will begin in the plank position with your elbows on the floor and you will extend one arm at a time until your arms are fully extended with your hands on the floor. You will then bend your arms one at a time until you are back onto your elbows.


Belly busters
Cross your legs and extend one leg fully. Have the extended leg raised off the floor a few inches. Bring your knee in towards your body and raise your trunk so that your upper body and legs almost meet in the middle.


Start with your legs straight and hands behind your head. Raise your legs as high as you can and bend your trunk to raise it as high as you can. Touch your hands to your ankles.

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