Express Workouts For Busy Executives With London Personal Training Expert Gerald Smith

You need a City of London personal trainer like me that can fit into your schedule whenever and wherever you need.

So much time is wasted in the gym! With HEET you will feel the power of exercise density and eliminate wasted gym time.

I designed the HEET system to help busy executives like you get fit, strong and lean in the shortest time possible!

I understand your needs and I designed HEET, The ultimate express workout to easily fit around your busy schedule.

Lose weight London

The Executive Personal Trainer Plan

The ultimate training plan for city executives who don’t have time to waste. So much time is wasted in the gym queuing for machines, traveling to the gym. I will come to you and design your sessions to guarantee you see major improvements in your fitness and physique in the shortest time possible.

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The Executive Nutritional Plan

This is not just for weight loss, although if that is your goal you will find that this program will be a perfect fit. However, this is a mind, body and health plan to reduce stress, improve food intolerance, chronic fatigue, IBS, weight loss and many more. You will get an analysis of your diet as well as a custom made diet plans. 

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The Executive Body Transformation

This plan combines your very own personalized nutrition plan with the power of exercise density with my HEET program. We will test to see where you store fat on your body (chest, stomach, arms, etc) to determine which hormones are out of balance. Hormone imbalance can lead to fat storage on certain areas of your body so your diet plan will restore your hormones and body fat to normal. 

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