You CAN Find The Motivation You Need – Let South West London Personal Trainer Gerald Smith Help!

Get motivated with training sessions that are fun and positive!

I will come to you wherever you are in London
I work with clients of all shapes and sizes
I offer fun and smart workouts!
I am a fitness trainer that gets results no matter your weight or physical abilities.
Sessions available in your home or at any park in London

Are you fed up with going round in circles with the following…..

Trouble spots on your body that wont go away
Hate the reflection you see in the mirror
Struggling to fit into clothes that use to fit well
Lack of motivation to go gym
No results from your current exercise program
Bored of exercise
Nutrition and diet plans that make your life miserable

Gold Package

Work with the best personal trainer London who will help you burn over 400 calories per session.
You are guaranteed to get the results you are looking for or you don’t pay a penny.
Nutritional plan to compliment your metabolic body type and your exercise plan to help you get the maximum results for your effort.
By utilising the metabolic effects of peripheral heart rate training (PHT) your metabolism will burn fat for up to 24 hours after your session has ended.

South West London personal trainer Gerald Smith Has been featured in the following publications


Gerald Smith has some of the highest qualifications.

I have the highest personal training qualification, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Nutrition, and health.
My qualification is a three-year degree ALL other personal trainer certifications are obtained in just six weeks.
I come to you wherever you are in London to deliver workouts that fit your schedule While adding FUN factor.

How will the best London personal trainer Gerald Smith help you lose weight?

Best personal trainer London Gerald Smith focuses on balancing your hormones. He understands that men and women have different hormone levels.  However, one of the most important hormones to balance in both men and women is testosterone.

Hormone differences in men and women

Women may often be producing too much estrogen, which will lead to storage of fat around the hips, bum and thighs. Whereas men often produce too much of the stress hormone testosterone which causes fat storage around the belly.

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Weight!

Testosterone helps build muscle and gives the body a lean and toned look. Women have 1/10 the testosterone levels that men have and therefore have a higher fat percentage. It is important to increase this hormone in both men and women to help lose body fat.

What you will get in your gold package

Before and after pictures
Bespoke nutritional plan Taylor made to your metabolic type to maximise weight loss (you won’t feel hungry or count calories)
Personal coaching, habits and results tracking, mentoring and motivation to achieve the results you want.
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Here are the results you can expect from London mobile personal training sessions with Gerald Smith

Fat burn over 400 calories per workout
Toned legs, bum, thighs and arms
Improved energy levels, stamina and strength
Accelerated metabolism for fat burning at rest
Firmer, flatter abs and small waist
2-6 kgs of weight loss
2-6% drop in body fat
Long and lean fitter body.
Look good and feel good about yourself again
Remove cravings for sweet things and junk
Sleep better and increased productivity
No more bloating and fatigue
Improve the quality of your sleep
Increase your energy levels outside of work
Look good in your favourite clothes again!

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